How to Add Channel 4 SD channel to a Manhattan Plaza Freesat HD box if 104 is C4HD and “no signal”

Earlier this week, Channel Four made Channel 4 HD the default on Freesat channel 104.

Channel 4 Standard definition, which occupied channel 104 is no longer available on Freesat.

For some users this has meant that they are unable to receive Channel 4 on channel 104, as they have been allocated a weak Channel 4 HD region.

And perhaps using the wrong size of satellite dish for your location, or your satellite dish is not accurately aligned.

However Channel 4 is still transmitting in standard definition, and you can add Channel 4 SD channel to your Freesat HD setup box and continue to watch channel 4…for how ever long they continue to transmit the channels in Standard definition.

This is the process how to add Channel 4 SD channels to your Manhattan SX Freesat set top box



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