Freesat FAQs

Freesat in Spain

What is the Freesat frequency? 

“What is the Freesat frequency in Spain?” and “What is the strongest Freesat signal in Spain?” are two questions that get asked all the time.

There is only one Freesat frequency. This one satellite frequency carries all the data to populate the Freesat TV Guide on Freesat set top boxes. There is no other Freesat frequency that carries this data. You cannot change this “default” frequency on any Freesat set top boxes.

The Freesat frequency currently (Sept 2016) is :

Frequency : 11425

Polarisation : Horizontal

Symbol Rate: 27500

FEC : 2/3

Modulation DVB-S QPSK

This Freesat frequency is on the UK beam of the Astra 2E satellite.


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