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Freesat Boxes


Freesat Boxes

Freesat Boxes in Spain

When Freesat launched in 2008, there were two types of receivers available — standard definition and high definition receivers. Today  only HD models are available.

In November 2008, Humax launched a Freesat recorder, Freesat+HD. Freesat+HD receivers allow you to pause, rewind & record TV, subscription free.

In October 2012, Humax released the first Freetime receiver, the Humax HDR-1000S. Freetime allows you to “roll back” the TV Guide through the past seven days of TV and watch programmes from a range of On Demand services.

In mid 2019, Freesat changed manufacturers for their “next generation” Freesat set top boxes. Humax ceased production of their Freesat boxes mid 2019. Arris were chosen by Freesat to manufacture the new “4k” Freesat set top boxes. But delay after delay did not see these go on sale until Easter 2020, months after stocks of the popular Humax boxes had run out, meaning there was a period of about 6 month where there was not a recording Freesat set top box available. Even now (May 2020), the recording boxes are still plagued with reports of poor functionality and locking.


The New 4K Freesat Set Top Box from Arris

Finally, months after Humax stopped producing their popular HB-1100S and HDR-1100S range of Freesat boxes and stocks of the Humax Freesat boxes virtually zero in the UK, the new and latest Freesat boxes have been launched.



Arris Freesat 4K UHD-X Set Top Box Technical Specifications

Unboxing a new Arris Freesat UHD-X 4K satellite receiver

Set up and review of the new Arris Freesat UHD-X 4K satellite receiver

Can you watch the 4K Demo channel on the Arris Freesat UHD-X 4K satellite receiver ?

Comparing the Arris and Humax Freesat Install processes and speeds

How to add Channel 4 HD to your Arris UHD-X Freesat box








Previous Freesat HD Boxes 

Manhattan Plaza HD-S2 Freesat Box (no longer available)

Bush Freesat HD Box (no longer available)

Goodmans GS103TZH HD Box (no longer available)


Freesat+HD “Freetime” Boxes

Freesat Humax HB 1000-S with Freetime (no longer available)

One of the most popular Freesat Recording set top boxes. Requires an external hard disk drive for easy recording and playback.



Freesat HD Set Top Box – Humax HB 1100S ( no longer available)

The Humax HB-1100S Freesat Smart TV Box is the successor to the popular HB-1000S. Now with built-in Wi-Fi and brand new sleek, discreet, compact design, the HB-1100S is the perfect set top box for viewers who love quality entertainment. Ceased production mid 2019.


Freesat Humax HDR-1100S Set Top Box (no longer available)

One of the most popular Freesat Recording set top boxes. Has a built in hard disk drive for easy recording and playback. Has twin satellite tuners for full ” watch one channel and record another channel at the same time” functionality. Ceased production mid 2019.



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