How to add BBC SD channels to your Manhattan SX Freesat HD set top box

The BBC have recently completed the migration of their standard definition regional channels to high definition.

For some Freesat users in fringe reception areas, where the signals are weak, this may mean that you may have lost reception of your BBC channels when they migrated to being HD.

This loss of BBC HD channels can be narrowed down to the fact that either your satellite dish is too small to receive the signals where you are living, or that your satellite dish and or LNB need to be realigned.

However, the BBC are still transmitting their channels in SD, allbeit without any local news and programming, until March 2024.

But on Freesat these SD channels are not available in the Freesat Guide.

So you have to manually add these BBC SD channels to your Freesat HD set top box.

This is the process how to add BBC SD channels to your Manhattan SX Freesat set top box



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