Freesat in Spain


Freesat in Spain

Freesat in spain

Can you receive Freesat in Spain?

Yes UK Freesat is available in Spain.

To an extent.

Due to the satellite beams that the satellite signals are transmitted from, Freesat reception varies greatly over Spain, and therefore reception of the UK TV channels on Freesat in Spain depends where in Spain you are, and what size satellite dish you have.

Most of the main Freesat channels, like BBC and ITV, are on the “UK beam” or “UK Spot beam” of the Astra 2E, Astra 2F and Astra 2G satellites. This UK beam signal footprint is different to the previous UK TV satellites UK beam. This has meant that reception of channels on the new Astra 2 satellites will be different to previous reception.

For example in the areas between Valencia and Alicante, the Freesat channels on the new Astra 2 satellites UK beam can still be received on a small satellite dish – as small as a 110x120cm satellite dish, with a 125x135cm satellite dish being the recommended size satellite dish.

However, in other areas of Spain, reception of these Freesat TV channels on the new Astra 2 satellites UK beam has become harder. For example, in areas such as Barcelona, Catalonia and Zaragoza, you need at least a 1.8m satellite dish to receive these channels on the Astra 2F UK beam, whereas previously you only needed a smaller satellite dishes. It is a similar story in the south of Spain, in areas like the Costa del Sol, Malaga, Almeria, Seville, Gibraltar and even Portugal, where even the larger 2.4m satellite dishes are struggling to receive these channels on the Astra 2 satellites UK beam.

A small number of Freesat channels are on the European beam of the UK TV satellites. The European beam give very good reception across the majority of mainland Spain. This means that the Sky TV pay channels can be received in Spain on a satellite dish measuring a minimum of 80x85cm.



What sized satellite dish do I need to receive Freesat in Spain?

As the signals that carry Freesat channels vary so much across Spain, then so do the size of satellite dish required to receive those signals.

Some areas of Spain can receive Freesat channels perfectly well using a 110x120cm satellite dish.

Other areas of Spain require larger 1.8m and 2.4m satellite dishes.

And in other areas of Spain, the size of satellite dish required means that other alternate methods of receiving UK TV are required, such as via the “Intelsat 907 Freeview Back Up” satellite, or via IPTV / Internet TV systems.



Can you legally watch Freesat TV in Spain?


It is totally legal to view other countries satellite TV channels from Spain. EU Laws fully support this.

To watch UK TV channels via Freesat in Spain you do not have to pay the UK TV License.

And as Spain has no TV Licence system in operation, there are NO ongoing costs for watching Freesat in Spain.




Freesat in Spain – Free UK TV in Spain – Freesat TV Costa Blanca


Freesat in Spain – Free UK TV in Spain – Freesat TV Costa Blanca

Freesat logo

Freesat is a free-to-air digital satellite television service for the United Kingdom.

With a Freesat receiver (set top box) or a TV with Freesat built in, you can enjoy over 200 TV and Radio channels, subscription free via satellite.

And with a suitably sized satellite dish, Freesat and free UK TV can be available to you in Spain.

Yes  you can watch UK TV for free, and in full HD, via satellite with a Freesat satellite system in Spain!


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